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Happy Spring Equinox, a great time for all things new. Spring lambs, spring chicks, spring bunnies, and now our very own new, little bundles of joy are delivered to the world right here from P.U.G Project HQ, starting with our BRAND NEW official film teaser.

You thought we’d gone away? We’re only just getting started. Enjoy!

Check out our new teaser below!

Happy New Year 2012 wishing you all the BEST year ever!

This year I’ve rekindled some amazing old friendships and established some fantastic new ones. I’ve let go of excess emotional and physical baggage, not to mention weight! Health has visited me more often than sickness thanks to a mostly raw diet and good old fashioned beautiful exercise!

The project was propelled to new heights by the completion of the short version of the documentary and it’s winning Best Documentary Award 2011! We were joined by celebrated canzer Survivors Sally Arnold, Lisa Lynch and Kelly Short and I was honoured to pose on the front cover of New Trespass magazine and in a wonderful photo-story featuring Rachel Friere couture.  

I am so grateful for all the abundance that we continue to be surrounded by and all the lessons, health and love that this year has brought to us all. The adventure continues with many exciting things to follow in the new year for us and for you, I can hardly wait to share it all with you! 

11/11/11 marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius a blessed time for us all where the world becomes open and abundant with possibilities as we continue to unify. This sacred year 2012 I wish you all the happiness, health, dancing ponies and green smoothies that your hearts desire. Thank you to all that have supported us on this on going journey, I am blessed to walk the path along side you all.

Happy New Year!!

May you always be blessed,

Michele x

Our Film Wins Best Documentary Film Award at Portobello Film Festival 2011!!

Winning Best Documentary Film Award

2011 has been a wonderful year for the project so far. There has been a lot of hard work especially on our documentary film,

‘Hard to Get: From Patient to PinUp’.

The film documents the making of our calendar shot by renowned photographer Mike Owen, and follows some of the personal journey’s of the women involved .

Earlier this month we premiered a 20 minute version of the full length film, “Hard to Get: From Patient to PinUp, The story So Far’ at London’s Portobello Film Festival.

Audience enjoying our film

We are proud to announce that the film was well received all around and that we won The Portobello Film Festival Best Documentary Film Award!!

The full length film is still in production and we are working on a fundraiser for the project.

Check out our film teaser below, more to follow shortly,

I salute you!!

The PinUp Gals Project at The Portobello Film Festival!

TIFF 2008 - RocknRolla

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We are so excited to invite you all to the premier of The PinUp Gals Project documentary Film  ‘Hard to Get: From Patient to PinUp’, screened at The Portobello Film Festival Friday 2nd September at 6.30pm.

Our film is ongoing and documents the story so far. Watch this space for the trailer coming soon!

We are extremely honoured to be featuring at this world famous festival that has kick started the careers of Guy Ritchie amongst many others.

The festival has been dubbed ‘the wild side of Brit Film’ (Metro), ‘this pioneering film festival’ (Evening Standard), ‘the biggest celebration of independent film in Europe’ (The Independent) and ‘London’s biggest filmic free-for-all’ (Time Out)

Our film kicks off an evening of music, new films, poetry and entertainment.

Film starts 6.30pm

Grab a glass of wine and watch FREE entertainment all night

I look forward to seeing you there!



RSVP on FaceBook now! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=105216046247806

Post Flash Mob Message

Dear Company,

Today’s Flash Mob was super exciting with all of us nearly getting arrested before it had even started! But that’s another story!

Big thanks and love to all those that came down to support the Project and Macmillan cancer Support who were also there represented by fundraising manager Ali Jinnah.

Also on hand was our wonderfully talented photographer Mike Owen who took some great snaps that we will be sharing with you soon, so watch this space!

We were also lucky to be joined by our amazingly creative and cheeky art director Peter Cocks, as well as fabulous fellow cancer Survivor, lingerie model and project pinup Kelly Short!

Photo journalist Gabor Scott also came down to papp us and the crowd! All in all a great day which we will share soon in pictures and footage.

We managed to cause happy disruption and people were much enthused by us all!

Thanks again to all those that made it, despite the various going’s on today such as Glastonbury, tube disruptions and Jesus ralley’s!

For those that didn’t we are already planning the next one so keep your eyes peeled for information about the next one.

We love and salute you!

Michele x

Rehearsal Schedual for FLASH MOB!!

Calling all recruits for The PinUp Gals Project Flash Mob on 25th June in Trafalgar Square 1.22pm!

Our rehearsals for the Flash Mob are in the 3rd floor dance studio at the Wornington Centre. Please click below for the map.

The times are as follows:

Monday 20th June 6.30pm

Friday 24th June 3.30pm


Please bring a white T-Shirt or if you want you can purchase an Exclusive PinUp Gals Project T-shirt (at the Flash Mob price of £8 usually £10) from us at the rehearsal if you email us before with your size and quantity ~ pinupgalsproject@gmail.com  All the money from the sale of T-Shirts goes straight back into the project. All the money from the projects calendar goes straight to Macmillan Cancer Support.

I salute you and look forward to seeing you all there,

Michele x