Happy New Year 2012 wishing you all the BEST year ever!

This year I’ve rekindled some amazing old friendships and established some fantastic new ones. I’ve let go of excess emotional and physical baggage, not to mention weight! Health has visited me more often than sickness thanks to a mostly raw diet and good old fashioned beautiful exercise!

The project was propelled to new heights by the completion of the short version of the documentary and it’s winning Best Documentary Award 2011! We were joined by celebrated canzer Survivors Sally Arnold, Lisa Lynch and Kelly Short and I was honoured to pose on the front cover of New Trespass magazine and in a wonderful photo-story featuring Rachel Friere couture.  

I am so grateful for all the abundance that we continue to be surrounded by and all the lessons, health and love that this year has brought to us all. The adventure continues with many exciting things to follow in the new year for us and for you, I can hardly wait to share it all with you! 

11/11/11 marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius a blessed time for us all where the world becomes open and abundant with possibilities as we continue to unify. This sacred year 2012 I wish you all the happiness, health, dancing ponies and green smoothies that your hearts desire. Thank you to all that have supported us on this on going journey, I am blessed to walk the path along side you all.

Happy New Year!!

May you always be blessed,

Michele x

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